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- Sean "Puffy" Combs


SmartStart Hiring System
A SMART way to find a new hire!

What is SMARTSTART Hiring System™

SMARTSTART Hiring System™ is a resume and candidate screening system.


Why would a organization use this service?

The process of identifying qualified employees can be slow and tedious. To assist you with this process SMARTSTART has an experienced staff of Consultants that have conducted tens of thousands of interviews. They also have proficiency with writing ads, or job postings that will attract the type of employees that you are looking to hire!!


What geographical area do you cover?

SMARTSTART provides local, regional, and national pre-screening services.


What types of environments do you serve?

We virtually are able to provide services in all environments; national, small business, community organizations, and education.  Some of the more non-traditional services SMARTSTART is able to provide outsourced screening solutions not heretofore available, include; restaurants, retail, hospitality, travel, and many more.


Wouldn’t it be cheaper for me just to run our own ad?

Yes. Running a one time ad would save you money. However, when you look at the hours someone will take to review and do the initial screen, we often find we can save our clients $1,000 or more depending on the level of the person doing the screening.


So how do you screen?

The pre-screening process SMARTSTART uses is extensive. We tend to get objective answers from candidates because we divulge no information about our clients.


So then we’re guaranteed a hire?

No. Based on the position you’re looking to fill, the pay rate, conditions, your distance from qualified applicants, etc, you may not find a hire but we can also save you the time and expense of hiring the wrong person!!!! SMARTSTART works best filling viable positions with commensurate pay.  


What does the SMARTSTART services cost?

With a one time small retainer, our services will provide all the steps you would take to print advertise and electronically post your opening; review and phone qualify candidates to determine who you will want to interview.


Will I receive all resumes?

You will receive all resumes except for those people who may already be working for you.


Do you keep copies of the resumes?

We keep them for up to 30 days in the event that somehow you lose them. They are not placed in a database for future use.


What is the time frame for completing a SMARTSTART project and receiving my deliverables?

The full process from time of order placement takes 10-14 business days.


How do I start the SMARTSTART process?

Call Gloria Cochran at (585)-324-1515, to place your order or schedule a meeting to review our System.


"Changing the way Companies hire"